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Long-Term Missionary Support Application

Guidelines for Long Term Missions

1. All applications for long-term support must be initially approved by the Global Missions Team.

2. If the application is approved by the Global Missions Team, a recommended amount of support is presented to the Leadership Team for final approval. The Leadership Team has final authority to revise the amount of support recommended by the Global Missions Team. The total application process may take up to two months.

3. Long-term missionary support is defined by the Global Missions Team as being in the mission field for one year or more.

4. It is the policy of the Global Missions Team that we only support individuals who are or will be serving under a recognized Christian mission organization – one that is “not for profit” - that is tax exempt.

5. Only Alexandria Covenant Church members, regular attendees, or their children are eligible to receive long-term financial support.

6. Applicants for long-term support must be 21 years of age or older.

7. Long term financial support is determined, as much as possible, according to formulas established by the Global Missions Team. The Alexandria Covenant Church annual budget, the number of long term missionaries currently supported, the length of time an applicant or an applicant’s parent has been a member or regular attendee, the amount of support the applicant has already received from pledges or donations from other sources, special circumstances, etc. are also determining factors in the amount of financial support recommended.

8. The Global Missions Team does not endorse requests for offerings to be taken at the door after Sunday morning worship services.

9. Long-term missionaries that receive support are expected to report back to the Global Missions Team and/or the congregation at least 4 times per year via newsletters, e-mails, a presentation before the Global Missions Team, sharing a “Missionary Moment” during Sunday morning worship, or via similar methods of communication.

May God Bless,

From the Alexandria Covenant Church Global Missions Team

11/08/10 revised

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