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Short-term Missionary Support Application


1) All applications must be approved by the Global Missions Team.

2) The Global Missions Team does not endorse requests for offerings to be taken at the door after a service.

3) Short-term missionary support is defined by the Global Missions Team as being in the mission field for less than one year.

4) It is the policy of the Global Missions Team that only individuals who are serving under recognized Christian missions organizations, that are “not for profit”/tax exempt, are eligible to receive support.

5) Short-term support will be awarded only to members, or regular attendees, or their children of the Alexandria Covenant Church.

6) The amount of short-term support will be limited to a specific dollar amount determined by a formula that has been established by the Global Missions Team based on the length of the mission outreach, total established cost of the trip, and amount of support requested The total application process may take up to one month.

7) Those seeking additional support by means of fund raisers or solicitation of funds must submit a request to Executive Pastor, Trinity Opp. The requests must be approved by the church Leadership Team. Forms are available in the church office. It is the responsibility of the Short Term Mission Team Coordinator or the individual requesting the funds to monitor the approval progress of this request to assure the Mission time tables are met.

8) Short-term missionaries receiving support are expected to report back to the Global Missions Team within one month after returning from their missionary service to update the Team on their experiences and the impact the trip had on them. This can be done either in person at a Global Missions Team meeting, via email, or a letter. To expedite handling when possible, please fill out electronically from our church website at alexandriacovenant.org and email this to the church office.

May God Bless,
From the Alexandria Covenant Church Global Missions Team

revised: 4/2012

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