Loving Jesus. Becoming Like Jesus. Sharing Jesus.


Here are six essentials or core values that drive the ministries of Alexandria Covenant Church.

1. Grace

We accept and love one another just as God has accepted and loves us.

  • We are transformed by His Spirit and grace. We first must admit and turn from our sin and receive Christ’s forgiveness and new life, which comes as a gift through Jesus’ death on the cross, by God’s Spirit and by His grace. Then, by the same Spirit and grace, we are changed as we live by faith, beginning to look more like Jesus in our everyday lives.

2. Bible Based

We accept the Bible as our instruction manual for living out our faith and conduct in the context of a community of believers.

  • We are under the authority of God’s Word, the Bible. We no longer live by our own authority but we submit to the teaching of the scriptures as the rule of our lives for faith, conduct, and community.

3. Unity

We seek to be unified in one heart and one mind under the authority of Jesus Christ in all decisions relating to the mission and ministry of ACC.

  • We are connected as a fellowship of believers. We believe that everyone who follows Jesus Christ is united in Jesus Christ. We are called brothers and sisters in Christ. Our fellowship extends beyond the walls of our congregation to all who share the love and mission of Jesus. Our church is connected with the Evangelical Covenant Church who we partner with in mission around the world.

4. Missional Intent

We are committed to preaching the gospel in word and deed in hopes of reaching lost people with the message of Jesus Christ.

  • We are committed to the whole mission of the church. God calls us to love him and others wholeheartedly. He also calls us to go into the whole world to proclaim God’s Good News and to make disciples of Jesus, baptizing them and teaching people to obey everything Jesus has commanded. Following Jesus’ example, we also want to minister to those who are sick, poor, hungry, lonely, or oppressed.

5. Spirit Led

We will depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as God graciously uses us to be His ambassadors.

  • We consciously depend on the Holy Spirit. The Spirit lives and moves in and among believers, and gives gifts to each believer for the benefit of others. We continually invite the Holy Spirit to produce fruit in our lives, resulting in Christ-like character and an ability to be used by God to divinely touch the lives of others.

6. Respect

We recognize the value and importance of each and every person.

  • We have freedom and flexibility within the context of Biblical love. We are free to disagree on things which have been divisive for Christians. We want to keep the main thing the main thing. Our goal is not that we would all be the same, but that real unity be expressed in the midst of our differences.