Loving Jesus. Becoming Like Jesus. Sharing Jesus.


Everyone needs vision to get where they are going. Our hope is that everyone at Alexandria Covenant Church is headed towards becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. People are not born followers, they become followers. At Alexandria Covenant we believe that there are steps that a person needs to take to becoming a follower of Christ. Here is a simple diagram that pictures the process.

Each step completes an important milestone. If you’re seeking to know if the Bible is true and God is real, stick around, we are convinced you will discover that Jesus is the answer for your life. If you believe that Jesus is who He claims to be and did what the Bible says that He did, don’t stop there, He wants to lead you to greater service. If you’re following Jesus, you’re on the top rung, life is all about following the Master. You never become the master, you always remain the follower. And therefore, stay in step and walk with Him wherever He leads you.